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Not all estate planning involves death, asset protection or limiting tax liability. In fact, everyone should consult an experienced attorney to initiate or review his or her living will. Living wills are devices utilized to express how you want decisions to be made in the event you are incapacitated or unable to make decisions for yourself.

A skilled lawyer can review and analyze your situation and your desires, and provide you with necessary documents to ensure your wishes are carried out. You should periodically review your plan to ensure that your wishes remain the same and that there have not been any developments in the law that could jeopardize your ability to realize your goals.

At the Stefans Law Group, we assist individuals throughout the Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island and New York City areas from our law offices in Woodbury and Dix Hills with their living will or health care proxies, as well as any powers of attorney necessary to carry out their wishes. We utilize our more than a decade of legal experience, as well as more than 15 years of financial planning and 20 years of health care experience.

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Experienced Living Will and Health Care Proxy Attorney in Nassau County

Living wills and health care proxies are essential if you want to be sure your wishes and desires are carried out in the event you become incapacitated. You have several options, which our experienced attorneys would be happy to discuss with you.

You may want to spell out exactly what you want done in certain situations, such as whether you would like to be resuscitated if you quit breathing or whether you want to be placed on life-prolonging devices, as well as the circumstances in which you would want to be resuscitated or placed on devices designed to prolong your life. For example, what would you want your family to do if you were in a car accident and the doctor said you were brain dead with virtually no chance for ever regaining certain functions or the ability to think?

A living will can help you specify how you would like to be treated in this and other situations. A health care proxy, through the use of a limited power of attorney, can allow an appointed individual (or individuals) to make all or some of these decisions on your behalf.

An experienced living will and health care proxy attorney can help you understand your options and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

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