At Stefans Law Group, we like to provide our clients with information to help prepare for their long term future.  We believe planning for long term care is important for everyone and should not be neglected. We are always happy to help you plan. Here is some information for you to think about!

To begin, although this article provides information about long-term care providers such as Nursing Homes and assisted living, the overwhelming majority of care is provided by family members.

In December of 2013, USA Today reported that more than 8 million people used services of a long-term care provider in 2012. This is the first-ever compilation of federal data which profiles five types of long-term care providers in 2012 and will continue to issue new number every two years.

This new information provided in the National Study of Long-Term Care Providers is an effort by the National Center for Health Statistics to “get a better handle on the options for care and determine trends.”

The article touched on an important notion; long-term care services are not just nursing homes. Over the past 30 years the long-term care industry has evolved including adult day service centers, home health agencies, hospices, nursing homes, and assisted living and similar residential care communities. The areas indicated above include “58,500 paid, regulated long-term care entities are divided among the five sectors and employ nearly 1.5 million nurses and nursing aides.”

The long-term care agencies listed in this article are all helpful providers of care to the aging population. However, to this day much of the care provided to this population is from their family members and loved ones. People are concerned about paying for Nursing Homes that many do not want to go to. What many do not realize is that the cost of home care can cost as much as $4,000 to $10,000 a month in New York State!

Questions about how to prepare? We can help you.

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