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Changes to the state and federal tax code directly affect the tax liability of individuals, families and businesses. Understanding what these changes mean for you or your business is important for reducing the amount of state and federal income tax you owe. In some cases, exemptions you’re eligible for can offset others you can’t claim, while understanding what forms to fill out (especially for businesses) ensures that your returns are accurate.

At the Stefans Law Group, our CPAs and experienced business formation and estate planning attorneys regularly work with clients in developing tax strategies that reduce tax liability by leveraging a variety of exemptions, estate planning tools and advantages associated with certain kinds of business formations.

We can help you or your business save money this tax season. For more information regarding our practice and professional qualifications, contact Woodbury tax preparation attorneys at the Stefans Law Group today.

Tax Preparation and Tax Forms

Our staff and attorneys counsel and assist individuals and businesses in regard to the following kinds of tax forms:

  • 1040: Individual tax return
  • 1041: Tax return for fiduciary income for estates and trusts
  • 1065: Tax returns for partnerships
  • 1120: Tax return for corporate income
  • 1120S: Corporate income tax return for an S corporation
  • 990: Return of organization exempt from income tax
  • 706: Tax return for estate tax on decedent’s estate

Depending on your financial situation, your tax liability can be reduced by creating a trust, filing separately from your spouse if you work as a consultant or incorporating as a business. Our attorneys can evaluate your situation and discuss the options available to you for protecting more of what you earn.

The Advantages of Working with a Tax Preparation CPA, Attorney or Enrolled Agent

Our estate planning and business formation attorneys have a thorough, practical knowledge of the state and federal tax code. Working as a team, we explain why it’s necessary to make sure your will or trust is compatible with your company’s bylaws and what you can do now to avoid tax liability for your estate later.

For more information regarding our attorneys and law practice, contact Woodbury tax attorneys at the Stefans Law Group today.